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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams

Applications of the Sodium Fluorescein technique:

Application Notes Reference
Scabies Painted the skin surface with fluorescein then washed the skin. The burrows were clearly revealed by the fluorescein solution. Recommended as an aid in identifying infected areas. Hirschfeld 1946
Gall bladder surgery Found fluorescein most useful in clearly delineating the extra-hepatic ducts and as a liver function test but not useful for visualisation of the ureters. Menaker & Parker 1950
Upper GI haemorrhage Fluorescein used to detect upper gastro-intestinal bleeding. Traphagen 1958
Upper GI haemorrhage Localisation of the haemorrhage is accurately determined by fluorescent examination of ingested, specially prepared string following injection of fluorescein. Gives proof and location of bleeding in gastro-intestinal tract. Haynes & Pitman 1960
Paget's disease of Vulva Visualisation and assessment in surgical management of Paget's disease of the vulva. Misas et al. 1991
Gastro-intestinal haemorrhage Localisation of the haemorrhage using the fluorescein string test. Berk et al. 1962


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