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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams

Applications of the ultraviolet technique:

Application Notes Reference
Bacterial plates
Bladder tumour
Showed colour examples of H. Pertussis having a strong characteristic blue/white fluorescence. Also showed how a tumour of a bladder specimen was clearly delineated because it did not fluoresce as strongly as the background tissue. Tredinnick 1955
Specimens and bacteriology In a chapter on ultraviolet photography examples of specimens and bacteriology were discussed. Hansell 1961
Fungal cultures Demonstrated characteristic colour fluorescence for several types of fungi. Weiss 1968
Bone growth Assessment of bone growth in Perthes' disease. Presented longitudinal sections of the head of the femur, fluorochromed with tetracycline. Klosevych 1971
Bone growth Used the technique for a study of implantation of prostheses and noted it was possible to see where bone was extended into acrylic cement. Ruddick 1977
Ruddick 1977 Further short article which mentioned the use of the fluorescence technique for research into Perthes' disease. Ruddick 1979


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