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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams

Applications of the ultraviolet technique:

Application Notes Reference
Hunter-Schreuger lines Enamel Comparison of ultraviolet, visible and infrared techniques for looking at teeth. Found that the fluorescence technique showed enamel as being lighter than dentine and that the enamel of a bicuspid was darker than that of other teeth in the fluorescent record. DeMent & Culbertson 1951
False and natural teeth Differentiation between false and natural teeth-the false teeth did not fluoresce. Tredinnick 1955
Teeth In a chapter on ultraviolet photography an example of the fluorescence of teeth was presented. Hansell 1961
Teeth Showed cut sections of teeth along with other applications and found that dentine fluoresce blue/white. Gibson 1963
Tooth enamel Described the technique for recording changes in the teeth as part of a mass dental survey, looking particularly at the changes in tooth enamel in children. Concluded that the technique was good for examination purposes but not for diagnosis. Callender 1977


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