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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams


This article is based substantially on previously published work. It appeared in a series of articles in the now defunct Journal of Biological Photography in 1993. The work also formed part of the now out of print book Biological Photography edited by Vetter published by Focal Press in 1992. Reports of individual advances were also contained in published papers in the Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine during the 1990's. Parts of the article were also contained in a thesis for the Fellowhship of the Royal Photographic Society (medical section) by one of of the authors (Gigi Williams).

This work would not have been possible were it not for the collective accumulation of knowledge from a significant number of practitioners with whom the authors have had the privilege of friendship and professional engagement. Many of these individuals are recognised in the article entitled 'Pioneers of Invisible Radiation Photography.'

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