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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams

Biomedical Applications: Miscellaneous

Application Notes Reference
Gastric ulcers and mucosal neoplasia Showed the enhanced surface detail of healed gastric ulcers and early mucosal neoplasia with the ultraviolet record using a modified gastro camera. Sakita and Utsumi 1964
Haemoglobin Reported that the degradation products of haemoglobin absorbed ultraviolet at 410 and 430nm. Mustakallio and Korhonen 1966


  • Mustakallio, K. & Korhonen, P., 1966, "Monochromatic ultraviolet photography in dermatology," J. Investig. Derm. 47:351-356.
  • Sakita, T. & Utsumi, Y., 1964, "Ultraviolet photography of the stomach," Med. BioI. Illustr. 14 (3):166-169.

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