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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams

Biomedical Applications: Dentistry

Application Notes Reference
Striae on incisors Showed how the striations on the incisors of a mouse could be revealed with this technique Dent 1938
Hunter-Schreuger lines
Dentiferous tubules
Surface detail of teeth
Showed comparison photographs using the reflected, ultraviolet, ultraviolet fluorescence and infrared techniques. The reflected technique showed better delineation of cracks in the enamel, caries at the gingival margin, calculus and tobacco stains, and perikymata. De Ment and Culbertson 1951
Detail of enamel Noted colour changes and structural detail in enamel, eg caries, pitting, staining, and enhanced capillary vessels in gingivae. Lindenstam 1959


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  • Dent, R., 1938, "The photographic illustration of medical subjects," Photogr. J.78:197-207.
  • Lindenstam, B., 1959, "The use of ultraviolet light in dental photography," Med. Biol. Illustr. 9 (1):26-29.

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