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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams

Biomedical applications: Dentistry

Application Notes Reference
Teeth Comparison of teeth using infrared, visible and ultraviolet photography. Infrared generally showed the enamel darker than the dentine and showed the whiteness of the incisal edges clearly. DeMent & Culbertson 1951
Oral mucosa Claimed that infrared photography was especially valuable for demonstrating the submucous venous pattern of the mouth. Friedman et al. 1958
Oral mucosa First application of colour infrared photography to the oral mucosa. Concluded that there were no differences between tissues that had been irradiated and those that had not. Suggested black-and-white infrared technique better. McCarty 1976
Aphthous ulcers Used a video infrared imaging system and computerized image analysis to study healing progression in intraoral ulcers. Wilson et al 1992


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