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Authors: Prof. Robin Williams and Gigi Williams

Applications of the ultraviolet technique:

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Figure 11. Fluorescence of tinea capitas.

Figure 12. Fluorescence of H. Pertussis.

Figure 13. Bacterial invasion of epidermoid carcinoma.

Figure 14. Plasma from Porphyria patient.

Figure 15. Tetracycline uptake.

Figure 16. Callosites of the skin.

Figure 17. Fluorescence of wood.

Figure 18. Fluorescence of bone fragments.

Figure 19. Shroud of Turin.

Figure 20. Analysis of the Shroud of Turin.

Figure 21. Fluorescence of plasma.

Figure 22. Plasma on a porous substrate.

Figure 23. Alteration to a document.

Figure 24. Fluorescnece of calcite.

Figure 25. Composite sample of calcite and willemite.

Figure 26. Chromatography.

Figure 27. Soaps, cleansers and cosmetics.

Figure 28. Rhipicephalus appendiculatus.

Figure 29. Detection of cracks.

Figure 30. Head of a femur.

Figure 31. Distinguishing between RNA and DNA.

Figure 32. Cyanoacrylate fixed fingerprint with Ninhydrin.

Figure 33. Cyanoacrylate fixed fingerprint with Rodamine 6G.


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